Ideas for decorating with airplanes

There are infinity of options for decorating our spaces. Plants, colour combinations, different decorative styles… Today, we bring some decorative ideas for aviation lovers. If you’re always thinking about flying while you’re on Earth, you’ll love these ideas for decorating with airplanes. Even if it seems that decorating with airplanes is only for kids bedrooms, in this post you’ll see that the variety of ideas can fit any age!

Cover your walls with airplanes

wall-covered-with-airplanesSource: showhome

If you like collecting miniatures of airplanes, this idea can be useful for organising them! You can cover the walls with your aircrafts to create a beautiful aeronautic decoration. Besides, if you dare, you could even paint a wall with clouds so that it looks like your airplanes are really flying around your room.

Vintage decoration with airplanes

airplane-bedroomSource: cotemaison

airplane-wallpaper-childrenSource: 2 little hands

Creative and original decorations are essential in kids bedrooms because they inspire their imagination and make them feel comfortable. This vintage decoration with airplanes is a great idea for doing so. It’s beautiful and fun at the same time. Kids will love it!

Aircrafts vinyls for decorating your walls

airplane-vinyl-kidsSource: etsy

airplane-vinylSource: etsy

Vinyls are just great decorative elements and these airplanes vinyls from Etsy are simply gorgeous. This is ideal if you don’t have much space available but you’d like to introduce some aircraft decoration.

Is it an aircraft or a bed?

airplane-bedSource: hgtv

Your kids will love going to sleep if it’s inside of a small aircraft. This original idea can transform the routine of going to sleep into an aeronautic adventure.

Beautiful aeronautic decorative elements for your kids room

airplane-drawingsSource: Project nursery

You can also introduce some aeronautic details with some drawings of airplanes. It’s simple and not too expensive. You can even draw the designs you want in order to make it more personal and unique. If you add some aeronautic element such as the airscrew in the picture, the result will be even better.

Hang some airplanes flying around a globe

hanging-airplanes-worldSource: spearmintbaby

This idea is perfect for kids rooms. It’s original and it doesn’t take a lot of work to introduce it into the room. You can choose your favourite aircraft miniatures and a beautiful globe to create this decoration.

Sleeping inside of a Boeing 727 Fuselage

727-costaverdeSource: Costa breve

If you love aviation but you don’t want to change your decoration, the Hotel Costa Breve brings an amazing opportunity for aviation geeks: the chance of sleeping inside of a Boeing 727 Fuselage. Wouldn’t it be an unforgettable experience sleeping inside o a Boeing 727?

These are some ideas for decorating with airplanes, from the most subtle to the most flashy ones. We hope they served as an inspiration for your own decoration with aircrafts. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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