Ideas for restoring furniture with colours

It’s very probable that you have an old piece of furniture at home that you are tired of, but you’re not able to throw it away. If it’s the case, this is the post for you because, today, we bring you some ideas for restoring furniture with colours. You’ll just need some skills for handcrafting and paint.

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Paint is one of the most practical ways for restoring furniture. A layer of the proper colour and a old boring piece of furniture can be transformed into a vintage treasure. You can achieve great results with some paint and a brush. As an example of it, we’re going to share with you some ideas for restoring furniture with colours. Check it out for seeing how much the furniture changes with some colour and not much efforts.

For getting super results, the colour is essential. Choosing one colour or another can involve success or a disaster. For example, if the piece of furniture you want to paint is out of fashion and it’s a simple piece, it will need a great dose of modernity in order to be updated. Here’s when the colour becomes an essential element. In these cases, you can choose any colour you like, even if it’s too intense, because bring colours will help livening up your old furniture. So, don’t be afraid of using catchy colours, the results can be gorgeous!

Magenta and the magic of restoring furniture with colours

restoring-furniture-with-colours1Source: The Weathered Door

This first example is a night table painted with magenta colour. With this brilliant colour, they’ve transformed an uninspiring piece of furniture into a unique piece of jewellery.

restoring-furniture-with-colours2Source: The Weathered Door

The process couldn’t be any easier. To begin with, you’ll need to prepare the piece of furniture properly. Sand it down before using the paint. In this case, they applied three layers of magenta paint, sanding down each layer. Once it was dry, they used a technique called “dip painting” for the legs with a silver tone.

restoring-furniture-with-colours3Source: The Weathered Door

The results achieved with such a simple technique are incredible. The technique “dip painting lie in painting a piece of furniture like if it had been plunged in a paint container. For using this creative technique, in the first place, you need to mark with tape the area you want to paint. Then, apply a medium grey tone for getting a better coverage with the final layer of silver paint.

restoring-furniture-with-colours4Source: The Weathered Door

A bright orange sideboard

restoring-furniture-with-colours5Source: The Weathered Door

This daring orange colour was the key for restoring the piece of furniture you can see in the following picture.

restoring-furniture-with-colours6Source: The Weathered Door

For restoring this piece, the first step was sanding it down and priming it with a grey layer.

restoring-furniture-with-colours7Source: The Weathered Door

After five layers of orange paint, sanding down each of then, the result was wonderful. In this case, they applied a final layer of matt varnish for protecting the piece of furniture.

Magical blue for a planter

restoring-furniture-with-colours8Source: Eclectically Vintage

This idea is truly original. Restoring an old piece of furniture in order to transform it into a beautiful planter where placing your flowers and plants. Moreover, the colour in this case is the key of the decoration. The catchy tone of blue they’ve chosen for this piece is gorgeous and livens up the garden even more.

restoring-furniture-with-colours9Source: Eclectically Vintage

For creating this marvel, you’ll need to clean the piece perfectly in the first place. Sand it down and apply two layers of blue paint. For protecting it, specially if you place it outdoors, you can apply a matt varnish layer.

For transforming the drawers of the sideboard into planters, you can cover them with plastic bags that you can stick with adhesive tape. You should also make some holes on the bottom so that the plants have a good drainage system.

restoring-furniture-with-colours10Source: Eclectically Vintage

Furthermore, since the idea consist in leaving the drawers open, it will also be necessary placing some extra weight on the back of the furniture. Like that, you’ll avoid that the weight of the plants and the substrate bends the drawers.

restoring-furniture-with-colours11Source: Eclectically Vintage

These ideas for restoring furniture with colours are some examples of the infinity of creations you can achieve with paint. Was it useful for getting some inspiration for restoring your old furniture? You can share your own restored furniture with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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