Keys for decorating walls at your home

Walls are key elements of a home and there are many possibilities for decorating walls, such as painting, wallpapering or tiles. Depending on the effect and the style you want to achieve, you can opt for different ideas and today, we want to share some keys for decorating walls at your home to help you find the perfect option.

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Decorating walls doesn’t involve just hanging some paintings, mirrors, photographs or a beautiful coat hanger on the entrance hall. There are previous tasks that are very important for providing your walls with a personal style. Today, we’ll show you which are the steps for achieving wonderful walls at home.

Paintings and other complements are the last piece of the process. The first steps are painting, wallpapering or the element you’ve chosen as the base of your walls.

The first step for decorating walls is get them ready

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The first step before painting or wallpapering your walls is repairing any imperfections that they can have. If you don’t take care of the small flaws, the results won’t be as good as they could be. Even if it’s not an easy task, the results worth it.

Take your time to fix any crack, hole and flaw, like this, when you paint, the finish will be much more professional and beautiful. For fixing cracks, you can widen them with a trowel and fill them with filler. When it’s dry, sand it down to get a perfect and smooth surface. Flaws, hits and old holes can be fixed with smoothing fillers like Aguaplast. You just need to leave it dry and sand it down as in the first case.

When it’s difficult to find the imperfections of your walls, there’s a trick you can use for making it easier. Use a flashlight placed on the floor and looking at the ceiling so that the shadows on the walls let your know where flaws are.

Removing popcorn ceiling texture

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Popcorn ceiling texture were the best some decades ago, but nowadays, it’s quite out of fashion. So, if you want to renovate your walls, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to this kind of paint. It was quite tedious and complicated until now. However, currently, there are new simpler options that we can have into account. You can use a filler to cover the popcorn ceiling using a roller and use a trowel when the filler is dry. After this process, you’ll have a smooth wall for painting.

Well insulated walls and without damps

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If you don’t have your walls well insulated yet, maybe it’s time to do it if you’re thinking about renovating them. A good insulation of the walls will protect your house from extreme cold or hot temperatures and it will diminish the noise from outdoors. Moreover, you’ll save a lot of energy and money!

There are different ways of insulating the walls, such as cork sheets or gypsum board carton. There are also insulating paints, such as waterproof paints against damps or liquid waxes that insulte the noises. After choosing the option you prefer, you can opt for the finish you like for decorating your walls.

Besides, if you have some damps in any space of your home, now it’s the perfect time to search where’s the problem and fix it. When you’re sure everything is all right, your walls will be ready for be painted.

Ideas for decorating walls… when they’re already perfect

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If your walls are already perfect and smooth, it’s time to paint them, wallpaper them or decorate them following your tastes. If paint seems to simple to you, you can look for more original ideas such as mixing one wallpapered wall with painted walls or adding a beautiful decorative skirting board. For example, in the picture above, the idea of covering one of the walls with painted wood panels can also look fantastic in some decorations.

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Furthermore, plaster frames are another great idea for decorating walls. You can put in a frame some zones of the room as if they were inside of a big frame.

As you can see, there are a lot of simple and beautiful options to improve the look of your walls. Are you ready for renovating and decorating your walls?

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