Modern ideas for decorating walls

Decorating walls can be a very fun activity and these fresh and modern ideas will help you make the most of it. Are you in?

The most difficult part of decorating your home can be making the right decision when decorating your walls. It’s normal that we doubt which colour and style we want for each of our rooms in our house, that’s why we want to share with you some modern ideas for decorating walls to help you make it easier. Trends for decorating walls, such as painting just half of the wall or using wallpaper, can make your home decoration look gorgeous and unique.

Wallpaper went out of fashion years ago and it’s coming back after some decades. We want to show you some ideas for decorating your home according to your tastes, from flowers and stripes prints to monochrome designs. Moreover, introducing vintage, rustic, modern or other styles depending on your furniture is also essential for creating a wonderful decoration.

ZigZag painting for decorating

This trend is becoming more and more common and we can see it in many places. This idea consist in painting half of the wall creating a ZigZag shape. Like this, the room will be divided in two different colours and an original and fun result. You can apply this design to all the walls of the room or just to some of them.

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The ideal combination of colours would be mixing white with any other colours, because it’ll be a clear success, specially combined with pastel tones. Moreover, this idea is perfect for your kids bedroom because in combination with other modern and flashy details, the result will be truly original and beautiful. You’re kids will feel at ease with a fun decoration.

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Wallpaper, a trend for decorating walls

In terms of comfort, when decorating walls, you need to consider wallpaper. This decorative trend is in fashion and it can help you save a lot of time with really satisfactory results.

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The most curious thing about wallpaper is that it’s a decorative trend that went out of fashion some decades ago and it’s back with printed classic designs from old times too. Classic always comes back and in this case, it’s perfect for creating new elegant spaces in combination with modern and minimalist furniture.

modern-wall-decorating4Source: Color 24

You’ll find infinity of styles, from classic prints combined with vinyls to completely modern designs. Then, the first decision you should make, if you opt for wallpaper for decorating your walls, is which style do you want: classic or modern?

Wallpapering the walls offers the chance of completely change any space of your home and it’s a very practical option for decoration. It’s cheap and there’s a wide range of colours and designs among you can choose depending on your tastes.

modern-wall-decorating5Source: Color 24

These two ideas for decorating walls can provide a fresh touch to your decoration. ZigZag painting is a modern and fun idea for creating a unique decoration in any of your spaces. Wallpapering is a classic that is back to stay and it offers a lot of possibilities. You can create a decoration that reminds you to the 60’s or 70’s or you can opt for a more modern design with wallpaper. Furthermore, if you want, you can also combine one wallpapered wall with three painted ones. The combinations for decorating your walls are endless.

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