Mug cakes, a sweet new sensation

Today we want to talk about something new and awesome. They are called mug cakes and as it names points out, they are single-serve desserts baked in a mug. They microwave up in just 1 or 2 minutes and they are absolutely delicious.

Sounds right, isn’t it? If you are looking for the perfect dessert and you don’t have enough time or you are looking for something unique and delicious this is your idea. You can bake almost any cake with this format but in much less time.

They are also perfect if you want a cute breakfast to surprise someone and you don’t want to spend the whole morning cooking.

I’m sure this was enough to make you want to try this idea. So if you are going to try it, here you have some ideas to start baking everything in a mug.

Blueberry mug cake

blueberry mug cake

Chocolate mug cakechocolate mug cake
Cinnamon roll mug cakecinnamon roll mug cake
Lemon mug cakelemon mug cake
Nutella mug cakenutella mug cake
Oreo mug cakeoreo mug cake
Peanut butter mug cakepeanut butter mug cake
Red velvet mug cakered velvet mug cake
Spicy apple mug cakespicy apple mug cake
Vanilla mug cakevanilla mug cake

Hope you enjoyed this sweet idea.

Pictures: Pinterest

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