New KILATE formula, faster and more effective.

AkzoNobel, under its Procolor brand, specialized in solutions for painting and decorating professionals, has presented a reinvented version of its iconic KILATE enamel. This renovation comes with an advanced formula, a more contemporary packaging design, and an updated color palette.

The reformulation of KILATE has been optimized to offer faster and more effective painting. It stands out for its high resistance, adaptability, and color longevity, making it an optimal choice for outdoor environments. Its finish is clean, with superior leveling and unbeatable gloss retention, ensuring a standard of excellence in every task.

Additionally, Procolor has rejuvenated the packaging design and focused its color chart on the most demanded shades in the current market. However, what truly sets this new KILATE apart is its set of improved properties. On one hand, its drying time has been halved, making it easier to apply a second coat and reducing the possibility of impurities adhering between layers during outdoor use.

Another significant advancement is the addition of polyurethane in its composition. This gives the paint superior resistance to scratches, stains, and environmental factors, guaranteeing an impeccable appearance over time and easy cleaning without losing its color essence. Likewise, its rich concentration of solid components provides remarkable opacity, even in traditionally complex shades such as reds and yellows. This translates into even and high-quality coverage in a single coat, eliminating the need for multiple applications. These advancements consolidate KILATE as the preferred option for exterior work, providing a more dynamic and efficient painting method.

“At Procolor, we are pleased to present the new KILATE formula, our most advanced version to date,” declares Marga Lois, Marketing Manager of Professional Brands at AkzoNobel. “We have worked hard to develop a formula that exceeds our customers’ expectations in terms of speed, effectiveness, and quality. We are confident that this new formula will be widely embraced by painting professionals.”

With the aim of providing greater time and cost savings and ensuring significant benefits for its users, extensive work was dedicated to developing 120 formulas to achieve the best version of the product. The new formulation stands out for its exceptional flexibility, gloss retention, whiteness, and adherence to different surfaces, making it an ideal choice for outdoor painting projects.

In turn, KILATE offers a variety of finishes designed to adapt to the preferences and needs of each painting project. KILATE Glossy distinguishes itself with its quick drying time in 3 hours, excellent brushability, and resistance to scratching and impacts, making it ideal for outdoor applications. KILATE Satin, with its satin finish and drying time in 4 hours, is the perfect choice for a perfect lacquered finish. Meanwhile, KILATE Matte presents an elegant and sophisticated matte surface, with high resistance to scratching and impacts, and drying time in 4 hours. These options provide versatile solutions for painting projects of any kind.

With this dedication to product improvement and the wide range of finishes, KILATE offers personalized and high-quality solutions to meet customers’ demands in the field of exterior painting, backed by a leading brand in terms of performance and efficiency.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the new KILATE, Procolor invites interested parties to visit their authorized points of sale nationwide. There, they can find detailed information and advice on this innovative paint solution that promises speed, efficiency, and quality in every application.

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