Patchwork quilts

Some days ago we talked about amazing quilt ideas for your decoration. Today we walk a step forward to encourage you to try to do your own quilt.

How? It’s easy, using patchwork technique. Patchwork technique is very relaxing and you can get awesome results. You need to have basic sewing knowledge and be patient because at the beginning it can be a bit difficult. You need to have time and enjoy doing it because if not it is difficult to finish a project.

The good thing about patchwork is that you can start doing projects from the very beginning as there are different techniques depending on your sewing knowledge and capacity.

Of course, there are easier projects and making a quilt could seem a bit risky, but believe me, it is easier than it seems.

The definition of patchwork is needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors, or textures are sewn together. Therefore you just have to choose different pieces of cloth that combine and let your imagination fly.

If you don’t have a lot of ideas you can use the following to inspire you.

Blue and green

blue and green 2

 Beige and grey

beige and grey quilt


blue and green quilt

 Grey and blue

blue and grey

 Blue and pink

blue and pink


blue quillt

Zig-zag blue

blue zig-zag quilt


brown quilt


celebration quilt


christmas quilt

Dark blue and green

dark blue and green quilt

Dark blue and yellow

dark blue and yellow

Dark blue

dark blue quilt

Lovely pink


Blue and orange for kids

orange and blue quilt


pink quilt


Style: "Neutral"


triangle quilt

Hope you enjoyed the article. Have you ever tried doing your own quilt? Are you a patchwork lover?

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