Personalize your hangers

Today, we want to share some ideas to personalize your hangers and make your wardrobe look truly beautiful! Wouldn’t be great hanging your favorite clothes in hangers decorated by yourself? For helping you to personalize your hangers, we’d like to share with you two ways of decorating hangers.

Firstly, the following step-by-step picture shows who to decorate hangers with paper napkins. With some paper napkin, glue and scissors, you’ll be able to create gorgeous hangers according to your tastes.


Secondly, we want to share with you the following video tutorial to personalize your hangers with some paint and ornaments. For this craft, you’d need some brushes of different sizes, paint of various colors, varnish and any ornaments you’d like to attach to the hangers.

Video via: CraftsAndYou

This craft is an easy idea that will give a colorful touch to your wardrobe. Personalizing your hangers is a truly original handcraft idea. It allows you to combine the colors you prefer for making your wardrobe look more personal and cozy.

Via video decoración

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