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If you love colors and decoration, this article may interest you. Here you have a trend that is so cool right now, Why not to decorate with Pop Art?

We have already told you some things about other kinds of décor like vintage, retro, etc. Today we are going to show you another trend that is not new but is really common nowadays, Pop Art!  Do you remember that cool bottles of Campbell soup? Or those paintings full of colors that looked like a comic? It is so trendy right now! If you love colors this is your décor. Today we are going to talk about 50s décor. Here you have some things that can serve to inspire you.

Indoor design

This year we can find in our decor White colors with vintage and Shabby chic trends, mixing old and new things. Pop art is also a mix, but full of colors. It includes also black and white stuff and really different things. This décor doesn’t have to look overloaded, it can be simple and have some colorful and funny touches. The important thing is that it has personality and your own style. Include some big pictures, illustrations, mirrors, big vases, all in bright colors!

Source: El comercio
How to create a Pop ambience

The word pop means popular. That’s why all is full of color. All the decorative elements can be based on famous movie posters, that ones that everybody has seen, or multinational brands pubs. Include comic style, vibrant colors and fill everything with energy and positivity, like Mondrian  paintings. Try to combine complementary colors and different shapes, typical of pop culture.

Source: El comercio

To create a pop ambience we just have to fill with life the ambience. You can even add some old cans or old ornaments, movie stuff and that kind of things. For a kitchen, we can inspire on that famous restaurants that are inspired by this culture.  Black and white tiles flooring, pink tables, an old ratio and old pubs.

Source: Contemporary
Source: El comercio
Paintings that fit pop art

This culture is based on everyday elements, soup cans, drinks, portraits, fruits, etc. Besides, movie stars were the main characters of this trend, like Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monron or Elvis Presley. But you can also include a colorful Mona Lisa, why not? This was very typical, making the difference between the old and the new. To conclude, try to add some prints, they look also really cool.

Source: Contemporary
Source: Contemporary

If you are a 50s lover and you love film stars, this is the perfect occasion to add this style to your home. Let your imagination flow, you are the one that puts the limits.

What is your favorite element of this décor?

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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