Put a locker in your home

Lockers are not a place to store just your books. They are normally used in your school or changing room but they can have much more uses. You can also use them to store other things or as a decorative element.

Industrial and vintage look are a clear trend right now. Vintage lockers can be the best decorative element if you know how to use them and they are not only a good option for your bedroom, but you can use them in other places.

If you don’t know what to use to store and decorate here you have some examples to use them all over your house.

Living room

living room 3 living room 4 living room 6 living room


kitchen 2 kitchen


bedroom bedroom2 bedroom3 bedroom4


hall1 hall2 hall3


office1 office2 office3 office4 office5

Hope you liked the ideas.

Via: Decoración.Red

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