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Good morning everyone! Today we will talk about retro decoration. If you want to change your décor or add some elements so that your place looks different, this is a good idea, and here you have some ideas to inspire you.

Trends come and go in every style and the same happens in decoration. We can find very modern things and things that remind us to very old times.

Retro style from the 70s and 80s is coming back, giving our home a very original touch. If you like this trend it is not necessary buying a lot of things from these ages. With new curtains, lamps and some patterned ornaments we can make miracles.

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The best thing is filling the walls with color, this will give personality to your place. If we have any retro piece of furniture we can restore it or change its color so that it fits our new decoration, it will look great!

You can go to second-hand stores to look for some pieces of furniture. They tend to be cheaper than regular stores and if you have time and look in different places, I’m sure you’ll find really special things.

In these shops we can find any kind of ornaments and furniture, but they are sometimes a bit broken or damaged. Here you can apply your DIY power to restore it and make it look great. You’ll save a lot of money and incorporate some history and personality to your place.

You can also go to street markets to find cool and cheap decorative solutions.

We can also find retro shapes in some actual furniture, the problem is that these kind of pieces tend to be more expensive.

Now you know where to find your retro furniture!

Remember that you can save a lot of money and help the environment if you recicle as much as you can.

Source: Decoración 2.0

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