Small apartment of 35 meters in Paris

We want to share with you more ideas about how to decorate and renovate small apartments in order to transform them into wonderful houses. That’s why we bring you this small apartment of 35 meters in Paris, renovated by Semaa. We’ll comment some tips and keys about this gorgeous apartment. No doubt, the most important thing when starting a project of renovation for a small apartment is making the most of the space with built-in furniture and any other idea you may have. Use the ceilings and every corner of your home to take advantage of the space you have. Like that, you’ll have beautiful and functional small apartment.


In this case, it’s a practical small duplex where the high ceiling is used as a bedroom with extra storage space (a Japanese dress room). To go into this room, they’ve opted for a very functional stairs that work as a wardrobe at the same time. Like this, they’ve achieved a more spacious room for the kitchen whose open design is perfect since it provides the small apartment with a lot of spaciousness. The strategically placed mirror also provides visual space to the room and creates a lovely environment.

If you’re thinking about where is the bathroom in the pictures above, you can take a look to the following draws and you’ll see it’s behind the kitchen.

paris-small-apartment-3 paris-small-apartment-2

Now, we’d love to comment some ideas and keys for small apartments from this gorgeous apartment in Paris:

  • Try to make the most of the space available: high ceilings, double function furniture, etc.
  • Use mirrors in order to create a sense of spaciousness
  • Think about the storage space you need since it’s a very important element of a practical small apartment.
  • Look for the balance between functionality and design.
  • Opt for simple designs so that you can create a neutral, practical and functional design that lasts for a long time. You can add you own style with decorative accessories like a vintage sofa or a shabby chic piece of furniture.
  • White color and, in general, any light color, will make a small apartment look wider and well illuminated.

This gorgeous small apartment in Paris is a great example of how we can create a marvel of architecture with just 35 squared meters. Are you in for a renovation?


Via decoración 2.0


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