Street art: creative inspiration with crystals on the walls

Discover what to do with gaps and cracks on the walls! Paige Smith brings a lot of creativity for decorating isolated and surprising gaps. Street art can be a creative inspiration for your decoration…

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Street art is something quite common nowadays, but what would you think if you saw these crystal formations on the street? Crystallization is a natural process but if you walk around San Francisco, Los Angeles or even Madrid, you’ll be able to see some of them.

Hidden surprises on the walls

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You can never know what you’ll find walking around the city. Paige Smith created street geode and she inspired herself in the natural ones. Today, you can find these creative treasures in several cities around the world.

Paige Smith and Street art

Paige Smith is known as A Common Name and she’s a popular artist and graphic designer. She’s always looking for gaps or cracks to fill with her street art. She creates crystal minerals inspired in the natural ones to introduce them in the city (where it’s unusual to find this formations).

How does she create it?

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She inspires her work in the natural geode. Like this, every work is different and unique; and obviously, temporary. The 3D pieces on the pictures are paper made. Paper is the perfect recycled material for her art. Then, she looks for the perfect gaps to place her designs. She wants to transform common objects into anachronistic objects.

The shapes she creates are especially beautiful; in fact, they look like the real ones from a distance. The final idea is using an aerosol for painting over the paper and the resin. This provides these creations with the steep shape of minerals. You can find out more about this artist in her personal blog, where she invites everyone to find her street art and learn about it.

Where can you see her work?

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As you can see in the pictures we share with you in this post, you can find her creations anywhere! Cans? Phone cabins? Any gap is good for creating some street art with crystallizations…

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Paige smith is from LA, so there you’ll find a lot of her works. However, nowadays, her art is spreading and has also arrived to Madrid and Istanbul. Obviously, some of her constructions are already ruined, but that’s street art.

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Moreover, this temporary factor makes more interesting the fact of finding these creations before they disappear.

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An spread concept

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The brick’s gaps are ideal canvas for her work. Cracks can also be decorated this way. Do you like the contrast between red and white? 

Paige Smith has created a very creative and inspiring way of doing street art. Have you ever found some of her work?

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