Sweet ideas for a baby shower

Some days ago we talked about some ideas to decorate both a boy and a girl baby shower.

A baby shower is a great opportunity for enjoying with your loved ones and celebrate that a new baby is in the world.

If we want to make the best party ever, having something nice to eat is a must have. There’s nothing better than preparing your own sweets for making your loved ones enjoy.

If you don’t have an idea of what you can do, here you have some that can help inspire you.

They are a bit difficult but you can try making some easier ones.

Baby boy cookie

baby cookiePink cupcake
baby cupcake 3

Baby cupcake

baby cupcake 4

Pink dress cupcake

baby cupcake 6

Baby boy cupcake

baby cupcake 7

Baby cupcake

baby cupcake 8

baby cupcake 10 baby cupcake


Blue and pink cupcake

baby toys


Bubbly baby cupcake

bubbly baby cupcake

Bird cake

cake 2

Baby cake

cake 3

Little pink pijama cake

cake 4

Little elephant cake

cake 5

Little giraffe cake

cake 6

Pregnant cake

cake 7Baby cookies
clouds and stars diapers tiffany's inspired paris

Cookie and milk

milk and cookie

Elephant cookies

little elephants elephant cupcake

Hope they serve to inspire you.

Pictures: Pinterest

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