An old barn turned into a Scandinavian Style house

The architects of the Czech studio OOOOX think up a plan to transform an old wooden barn into their own house and they called it BOOOOX barn. After a renovation of 2 years, the space was completely transformed. The exterior was painted in black and the inside has a very clear Scandinavian style. They put a new insulating structure and

Awesome playgrounds designed by architects

From the time you know these awesome playgrounds designed by architects you’ll want to play in them, although you’re not a small child. Classic and boring playgrounds leave place to these ones and they are absolute works of art. When we talk about playgrounds we think about areas to let children play and in which we find a lot of

Animal decor

Good morning everyone! Today we want to talk about the decoration using animal shapes and patterns. If you love animals, today we will show you some ideas to include them in your décor so that all your guests know how you are and what you like. Including animals in your décor is a trend nowadays, like animal print in fashion.

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