10 wonderful ideas to decorate your balcony

Not everyone takes time to decorate the balcony, they tend to leave it as it is or put some chairs or plants randomly. Applying a series of simple ideas, we can take the most out of it and turn it into our favorite place. A lot of people see the balcony as another window or a place to just check

Wooden balcony floor

If you have the luck of having a balcony of your apartment, I’m sure you want to have it as well-decorated as the rest of your home. In that way, you can enjoy the place with friends and family and spend there long summer nights. You want your balcony to be a cozy place and there’s no better way to

5 Ideas to decorate a balcony

Decorating a balcony may turn into a complicated task. Sometimes we forget about decorating this space because of its limited size, however it’s quite simple getting a beautiful decoration for our balcony with just a bit of imagination. Don’t you think so? If you want to decorate a balcony, here you’ll find five useful tips and ideas. It’s a small

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