DIY cactus

Today we will share with you some awesome ideas to make your own cactus. You may be asking yourself…. But how? It’s easy, with some imagination you can make your own “fake” cactus to have some funny and colorful decoration that does not require any care. We think that his craft would look really well in your kids’ bedroom, but

Discover asian style

Equilibrium, symmetry, simplicity, spirituality. If you are passionate about oriental lifestyle and culture, I’m sure you’ll love this article. Main characteristics of Asian style Asian décor looks for beauty and harmony, you have to look for a peaceful place It is inspired in oriental countries, although we can find styles for each country, Asian styles takes some aspects of all

10 tiny and functional houses

Nowadays we are getting used to small houses. We think that houses of 35 m2 are not so small, compared with the ones of 25 m2. How can people live in such small houses? The answer is adaptation, people adapt to the place we are to survive. I’m sure that if you think about living, you don’t think about a

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