A house in New Zealand that looks like a tent

At first sight, this house design looks like a classic tent, but once you are inside it, you’ll realize that this original shape has permitted to create a house full of surprises and special places. Most of us have gone camping at least once, using classic tents where there was not much space. That was the first thing I thought

15 DIY projects to say someone “I Love you”

Along our life, there are some moments in which we should say “I love you” to all those persons that are by your side and there’s not better way than by making them a DIY Project. Some people think that we should just give presents in important days like Christmas or Saint Valentine’s day,  but every day is good to

Romantic details for a special day decor

If you have a special occasion, today we want to share with you some romantic things to make your place look even more special. Take this ideas to decorate and you’ll succeed for sure. Silicon hearts The main icon of love is heart. With this DIY project you’ll know how to  prepare a very romantic decoration for a special occasion.

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