Tips to redecorate a small flat

Do you need more space? Is your flat too small? Today we bring here some tips to make the lack of space an easy task.

Source: Jotun
Source: Jotun

We must admit that the majority of us live in small flats and almost all would prefer having a bigger home. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t give up on having a well decorated and practical home.

If you are thinking about making some refurbishing on your home you should keep reading because today we are going to tell you some tips you should take into account if you want your home to look bigger. With these tips you’ll see how the space spands.

Tips to make a small flat look bigger
Source: H&M
Source: H&M

There’s a time when all houses need a refurbishing. With the time, the structures and the materials become deteriorated and the space start claiming for a refurbish. Depending on our circumstances, we should start thinking about doing it.

If that’s your case and you live in a small apartment, you should take into account some aspects to take the most out of the available space. If you don’t take them into account, you can make your home look even smaller. So try to use some of the tips we bring hre today and you’ll see the awesome results.

Don’t divide… and you’ll achieve more
Source: Bloomingville
Source: Bloomingville

One of the worst enemies of small spaces is the excessive compartmenting. Why do you need a lot of rooms if at the end they are so small that they are useless? When it gets time to refurbish, try not to divide the space a lot because you’ll reduce the useful meters and you’ll impede the flow of light, creating a visual sensation of a small space.

It is better to create diaphanous and versatile spaces where you can make different activities. That does not mean having a loft, without any partition wall, but try to think about a distribution that benefits the light flow.

Some of the ideas you can put in practice is using the same floor tiles in all the home, including the bathroom and the kitchen, what benefits the continuity of spaces making the place look ample. Today we have some ceramic tiles that can adapt greatly to all the rooms in your home. It is better to use small tiles because if you use big ones you’ll reduce visually the size of the place.

Walls and ceiling, better in light colors
Source: Jotun
Source: Jotun

Painting the walls in intense or dark colors can look awesome in ample rooms, but in small houses it ends up making the space even smaller. You should bet on light colors! White is always a good option, but you can also use light pastel colors, beige or pearl grey.

And don’t ever think about putting false ceilings because they always contribute to make your space look smaller.

Don’t fill up all the space.
Source: Bloomingville
Source: Bloomingville

We know that you need a lot of furniture to put all your stuff and that you would like to have a couple of sofas (to take a nap without problems) but think that a lot of furniture will fill up all the space making the place look smaller.

It is better to think twice and think that less is more. I’m sure you don’t need to store all the things you have at home. Take advantage of the refurbishing to clean your home and get rid of all the things you don’t need. In that way, you’ll be able to have less furniture and the space will look bigger. Your home will be more comfortable and I’m sure you’ll be so proud of this decision.

A good idea is looking for furniture with more than one function, like that tables that have small puffs below or beds with storage space. In general, try to look for light colors again.

Look for natural light
Source: H&M
Source: H&M

The light that enters through the windows will be your best ally if you want your place to look bigger. Try to strengthen it, forget about  thick and dark curtains and use roller blinds or net curtains in light vaporous textiles so that they let the light come in.

The upholstery, better in light colors and simple patterns. And if you use some mirrors to decorate your walls, you’ll make an awesome optical effect that will make your home look bigger.

The last tip is: take advantage of every inch of your space with the resources you have. Use sliding doors, put some shelves in the walls or above the doors, look for spaces to build in closets, etc.

What do you think about these ideas to make your space look bigger? DO you think they are practical?

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