Trends in decoration: Zakka style

What’s Zakka style? Today, we’re going to talk about the curiosities of this style which is a trend in decoration with crafts, DIY projects and handmade decorative elements.

Zakka style is synonymous of handmade decorative products and it’s a type of Japanese decoration. This style is based on domestic objects that improve quality of life due to the harmony they transmit and to their decorative concept. It’s not about functionality but about beauty.

For achieving a real Zakka style is necessary using pastel and neutral colours. It’s about DIY exclusive designs. In this style, it’s very important that you transmit your own touch so that the decorative objects reflect your personality. They can even be part of your family traditions and relics.

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Any object can’t be part of Zakka style and even if we can buy decorative products of this style, the original idea of this trend is based on DIY decoration.

The beauty of Zakka style

The Zakka style trend is used not also in decoration and handcrafts but also in clothing. The main thing that comes to mind when thinking about Zakka style is beauty. This style reminds to the Japanese decoration and a literal translation of the term would be “everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance.”

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Moreover, since it’s something that is supposed to beautify our days, it’s made with recyclable materials that respect the environment. It can provide you the ideal decoration in order to reach the harmony lacking in any space of your home. This trend’s philosophy is based on the enjoyment of home-loving, quite and peaceful life. In a world where everything goes too fast, this trend highlights the importance of dedicating part of our time to do what makes us happy.

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Materials and colours in Zakka style

The objects are inspired in nature: cloud, grass, sky, earth and any climatic fact such as a rainy day. Probably, this is one of the reasons it transmits such peace and harmony. Besides, it also includes decorations with animals and, therefore, many products are related to an exotic world.


When talking about the necessary materials for creating our Zakka style, the main ones are natural materials. The most popular ones in this trend are cotton, linen and wool. And most of the products of the Zakka style are sewn with thread and needle. In terms of the colours used in this style, as we’ve mentioned before, the most characteristic ones are neutral colours such as grey, pastel pink, beige, white, sky blue, etc.

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For decorating our crafts with Zakka style, there are a serie of supplementary materials to help you create your own personal touch, such as printed fabrics, textures and wrinkled textiles.

Furthermore, since we’re talking about a natural style, you can also add natural elements such as plants in your decoration to complement this trendy Japanese style.

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Zakka style is a way of taking life easier, enjoying the small details and making the most of natural materials. This style has the aim of transmit calmness in your daily life and improving your quality of life through beauty and small details. Have you already tried this trend in decoration?

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