Useful objects made with Lego

When we were young, most of us have played with Lego, using all our imagination. Now that we are adults we can still use them in the same way but creating useful objects for our home.

I remember when I spent hours and hours playing with Lego, constructing and destructing every idea that I had. When I grew up, I forgot about them, but if you still have them, let’s look for a way to use them

Here you have some of the ideas we have found.

Napkin holder


Original lamp structureLego2
A way to order things in your kitchenLego3
And why don’t we use it to decorate a table?Lego4
Aztec flowerpotLego5
A place to put your phoneLego6
Cable holderLego7
You can put your phone and also charge it
In this way you won’t lose your keysLego9
A place to put your beautiful flowersLego10
Decorate your soap!Lego11
DIY frame to place your best momentsLego12

Hope you enjoyed it

Via: Dominio Mundial

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