Yellow decor

Yellow is one of the best colors for summer. Everybody likes this kind of color because it transmits happiness. So don’t think about this twice, put some yellow in your décor!

Yellow is the color of sun, it symbolizes energy. That’s why it is a really good idea in interior décor. Here you have some ideas to decorate your home in yellos.

Yellow living-room

If we pain one wall in yellow and we paint the other ones in light colors like white or beige, we’ll make that everyone look at that bright colored wall. One good option is the wall behind the sofa so that we have all the attention when we are sitting on it.

For having a yellow place, you can also buy new cushion and combine them with the curtains, they will  give the living-room a vital and modern touch.

yellow living yellow living 5 yellow living 4 yellow living 3 yellow living 2

Yellow kitchen

It is a really good idea putting a yellow tablecloth on your table. In that way you’ll have a positive feeling every time you are eating.

You can also have new table and new chairs by painting them in yellow. A risky option everyone will love!

If we want to include new kitchen accessories like glasses or plates, we can find them in almost every shop, because it is really cool right now.

yellow kitchen yellow kitchen 3 yellow kitchen 2

Yellow bedroom

We normally change the bedspread of our bed in summer to put a thinner one because it is hotter, so why don’t we choose a yellow one? You’ll feel the energy every morning and you’ll have enough strength for the rest of the day.

If you change the curtains and some accessories like the carpet, the effect will be so cool.

yellow bedroom yellow bedroom 4 yellow bedroom 2 yellow bedroom 3

Yellow bathroom

Small details like changing the curtains or the towels for yellow ones is a really good idea.

We can include some yellow flowers in the house like sunflowers to make the house look more cheerful.

yellow bathroom yellow bathroom 4 yellow bathroom 3 yellow bathroom 2

We don’t have to abuse of this color because if we do it we can have just the contrary effect. Use it in a small amount and combining it with other colors is the best idea

And you, are you going to try this color in your décor?

Source: Decoración 2.0

Pictures: Pinterest

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