Surprising building façades

Walking around a city and discovering the most extravagant, beautiful and surprising building façades is something wonderful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a narrow façade or a huge one, if they have a gorgeous design, you won’t forget it. That’s why we want to share with you this collection of surprising building façades. These one-of-a-kind designs will leave you astonished.

Surprising building façades

Surprising building façades_1

Source: PublicDomainPictures

Next to the canals façades

Surprising building façades_2

Source: Fred

In Amsterdam, you can find really narrow façades and a wide decorative range. In this case, they are next to the rowboats of a canal. They’re made of several construction materials and crystals allow that the light floods the interior of the building.

Windows as main characters

Surprising building façades_3

Source: wiegerwaardenburg

Full color

Surprising building façades_4

Source: PublicDomainPictures

Colorful façades, aren’t they wonderful? These small houses have a curious and fantastic design.

Chocolate façades!

Surprising building façades_5

Source: PublicDomainPictures

These funny façades seem to be made of chocolate! And their shapes are so different from anything we’ve ever seen. What do you think?

Green and natural design

Surprising building façades_6

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Vegetation is part of the building’s surface and it’s incredible! You can create this one-of-a-kind of design with climbing plants like ivy or others. This kind of natural design is perfect to keep the right humidity inside the building.

Pretty high up

Surprising building façades_7

Source: cocoparisienne

Narrowness and height: some of the typical features of the buildings in Paris and Amsterdam. Colors separate this group of houses.

Dividing colors

Surprising building façades_8

Source: Eric Fischer

Haussmann building

Surprising building façades_9

Source: yves Tennevin

You can enjoy this superb building in France. This narrow façade is just amazing.

Gorgeous building in Manhattan

Surprising building façades_10

Source: trinivegaolmos

This elegant and incredible building stands out because of its narrowness and its height. Its wide façade makes it fascinating.

The Big Apple

Surprising building façades_11

Source: ahundt

In New York, you’ll find surprising building façades. Crystal reflects the sun as if it were a mirror. Moreover, the combination of bricks and crystal is really beautiful and characteristic.

Golden building

Surprising building façades_12

Source: 70154

Mini castle

Surprising building façades_13

Source: Renato Lorini

A white palace

Surprising building façades_14

Source: falco

This gorgeous façade is placed in Sintra (Portugal).

Castle toy

Surprising building façades_15

Source: jganzarain

This castle is located in Sintra too; it looks like a fancy fairytale castle. If you have the chance, visit this amazing building and enjoy its lovely colors.

Pink façade

Surprising building façades_16

Source: Andrew Filer

Blue façade

Surprising building façades_17

Source: Guy Lejeune

If you like The Smurfs: you’ll love this surprising building façade. This shade of blue doesn’t go unnoticed.

Stone house

Surprising building façades_18

Source: tpsdave

This Swedish house is spectacular! Its façade made of stones is just wonderful!

Façades and colors

Surprising building façades_19

Source: STVIOD

As you can see in all the pictures, there is infinity of surprising building façades. Architecture provides impressive and wonderful buildings… We hope these beautiful examples were of inspiration for you.

You can choose a lot of different colors, kinds of paint, materials and styles. Stones and wood are perfect for more rustic and countryside designs. Bright colors are perfect if you have a strong and daring personality. Climbing plants are a great option for people with green ideals.

If you liked this collection of superb and surprising building façades, you can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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