15 ideas to decorate your house if you have a big budget

Decorating your home is something complicated, especially if we have to take into account money, but if this is not your case, today we bring here some amazing ideas to decorate your home having a big budget.

How many times have you heard that money can’t buy you happiness. We hear it so many times that finally you end up believing it is true. Okay, money can’t buy you happiness but can help you obtaining it. The clearest example is when we want something crazy but we don’t have money to buy it. Something similar happen when we are decorating our homes. We have to be close to a budget although we want more expensive things. Ikea furniture is very beautiful, that’s a fact, but there are unique things that cannot be afforded by everyone. That unique things are the ones that can provide us that feeling that maybe it is not happiness but can be really close to it.

If you belong to that people that has enough money and you are looking for new ideas for decorating or refurbishing your home, you should take a look at these ideas because you’ll want to have them all.

A pool with a cascade

expensive 14

A room for your winesexpensive 15

A cozy fireplace in the terraceexpensive decor 1

A bathtub with great viewsexpensive decor 2

A bedroom with an open showerexpensive decor 3

A cinema in your homeexpensive decor 4

A tree as indoor decorationexpensive decor 6

The batman caveexpensive decor 7

A kitchen in the poolexpensive decor 8

A bowling alleyexpensive decor 9

A bed with awesome views
expensive decor 11

A beautiful indoor poolexpensive decor 12

A pool that looks like an island
expensive decor 13

A beautiful and modern fireplaceexpensive decor5

Via: Arquitectura ideal

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