8 fun IKEA storage alternatives for the kids’ bedroom

These wonderful storage alternatives for the children’s bedroom are going to be a hit with both kids and parents while teaching kids to be tidy. Teaching children the benefits of order and organization will be more fun now, thanks to Ikea.

Fun Alternatives for Toy Storage

The children’s bedroom, and practically all areas of the home, get filled with toys, books, notebooks, pencils, and all sorts of items that children use. And these storage options are advantageous in that although they are designed for the children’s bedroom, they can also be used as the child grows.

Maintaining order is not easy and can be very tedious and tiresome. From an early learning age, children can be taught, and it can be accomplished much when the process is made fun. They will feel excited about these alternatives of baskets, bags, and boxes for storing toys.

While they grow, we will never have enough toy boxes for kids because we will always need somewhere to store all sorts of things. So, these alternatives for organizing the children’s bedroom, and the rest of the home are perfect. Because organizing will be easier, quicker, and a lot of fun. They will find it so easy to accomplish that they will soon do it by themselves.

The Classic Toy Box with Wheels

Everyone will like this fun alternative for storing toys and other items. A wonderful option that will withstand the test of time and as our child grows. Because it is durable and will serve for a long time. From childhood storing toys and other items as they grow.

This FLISAT toy storage solution, in addition to being great for organizing, is easy to move around. Simply because of its wheels, it allows even a small child to easily take it with them all over the house. It ends up being not just a storage alternative but also an option for integrating into children’s play. Made from solid pine wood and synthetic rubber wheels.

No less attractive is the Vessla toy box in two color alternatives, sky blue or pink. Made of proven durability, it has wheels for easy movement. It has a curved upper edge that makes it more manageable, so you can lift and transport it. And if you want to complete this alternative with a lid, you can stack more of the same.

Two Colorful Alternatives

Ikea shows us not one, but several storage options for the children’s bedroom. Designed to be very useful and fit into the decor. With a lot of colors as all useful and decorative elements should be. This storage bag is very fun and lends itself to many enjoyable moments. It can be very useful when teaching your child to pick up toys. Because it is made from braided cotton and features an owl image.

With a nose and eyes made from braided cotton and embroidered thread. Completely safe without the risk of them coming off during use. It is made from 100% cotton, so it is soft and safe for the child to play with and store toys in. It is totally versatile because it folds to be comfortably stored when not in use. It has handles on both sides, so kids can easily lift and move the storage bag. Besides toys, it can be used to store clothes, and anything you want!

Filled with color, another storage alternative, another bag from the Strandskata series. Works well to store everything: toys, towels, blankets, or your child’s clothes. Also made from braided cotton with colorful stripes. Enough colors to perfectly integrate into children’s decor.

And More…

Alternatives full of color and images that children will like a lot. Like the box in the first image of this entry. It is a large box made from recycled polyester with black cat decorations. For storing clothes, toys, and other items. You can place it where you like most and use it for your modular storage.

Lego boxes with lids for storing small objects, and others in beautiful colors made from mesh. Many more designs of bags for storing toys, clothes, and other items. Really, you won’t be at a loss for storage alternatives. Ikea has a wide variety of options.

Some come in sets to have several small areas for storing everything. Also, very colorful options with various compartments all in one! Surely you realize the huge importance of teaching children the importance of order. Since it helps us make better use of time. And maintaining order in the bedroom is a lesson for life.

Images: Ikea

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