Capsule hotel in Tokio.

Tokio is one of the most modern cities in the world and that’s why we can find there very interesting places. This is the case of the capsule hotel, where the hosts can sleep for little money in a tiny room with just the necessary.

Tokio citizens are known for being very open-minded and trying everything. It is a place where one can see almost everything. One of the latest things are the capsule hotels, where the hosts can sleep in the tiniest  bedroom ever. They are ideal in case we lose the train or the airplane and we don’t have money to pay a normal hotel.

In this hotel we can find a lot of capsules one next to the other to maximize the space, offering really cheap prices.

Tiny space, but with TV


It is a small room, but it has some added values like a TV. This is good for the people there because foreigners won’t understand the language. We can also find there a radio, a lamp and an alarm clock.

Towel, housecoat and toothbrush


Once we make the reservation in one of those rooms we receive a towel, a housecoat and a toothbrush. As we can see, they are a very clean country.

Shared bathroom


As it is impossible to put a bathroom inside those rooms, we have to share the bathroom with all the other guests.

Wardrobes are lockers


Next to the capsules, we can find lockers to put our personal objects

Cabins can’t be blocked from the inside


It is forbidden by law, so anyone can enter in your room in the middle of the night.

After knowing all the information of this kind of hotels, would you spend a night there?

Via: Arquitectura ideal

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