Creative ideas and trends in baby showers.

The arrival of a baby is a moment of joy in virtually all situations. And one of the parties that are celebrated mainly in the United States (although increasingly in Spain) are baby showers.

The decoration of these parties is very important. So, on this occasion, we want to give you some creative ideas and current trends in this type of party. Do you want to plan a celebration that is unforgettable? Then take a look at this.

The theme of the Baby Shower

baby shower

One of the most important aspects in the decoration of a baby shower is the theme. That is, the theme on which the decoration should be based.

Just to give you an idea, this is the most common:

Animals: they can be from the forest, with tree decorations and birds, owls…; among the trunks you can put hidden foxes and deer… You can also do it with farm animals, sea animals, zoo animals…

Space: planets, which you can make with balloons, stars, rockets, astronauts… And, of course, shades of blue, black, and white.

The circus: with lots of colors and a tent, with balloons, clowns…

As you can see, the goal is to focus on the colors and the theme of the party. You can even ask your guests to come “dressed up” to have a better time.


Based on the above, the decoration will be in line with what you have chosen. For example, if it’s space, all the decorations should have those colors, be it balloons, centerpieces, garlands…

Now, if you don’t choose a specific theme, the trend in the decoration of a baby shower is to use pastel tones, especially pink and blue, but also green and yellow. However, it allows for stronger colors, although in this case only touches of them.

That being said, make sure to include things related to babies to focus the party on that specific theme. Otherwise, it will just be a party, but nothing more. In other words, the same decorations could be used for a birthday party, a baptism, a communion…

Dessert Table

We’re talking about a party, and this usually takes place during snack time, so it will be filled with desserts or sweets. And what type of desserts can you have at a baby shower?

Among them would be:


Cakes or pies. This is the most important and mandatory piece at a baby shower. You can make it like a regular cake, although it’s currently popular to use it to reveal the baby’s gender. For example, when cutting the cake, the color that appears in the cake will reveal the baby’s gender; or you can also use colored candles, which, when lit, release smoke of a certain color if it’s a boy or a girl.

Special cookies. Shaped like baby bottles, pacifiers, diapers, booties…

Cupcakes. They are actually decorated muffins, but these, with baby motifs, can look great on the table.

Another option you have is to host a meal and extend the celebration until the baby shower is held.

Anything you do will be great because you give a theme to the gathering with family and friends. And in the process, you spend more time with them.

Adult Games

Be careful, we’re not referring to games with adult content, but rather games aimed at adults. For example, you could have a competition to see who is faster at changing a diaper. Or bathing a baby. Or dressing them.

For this, you can use dolls, which you probably have some or can get them.

Another game for a special baby shower could be creating a fingerprint tree, so it can be kept as a memento to know the people who were there during the pregnancy.

In case the guests are older people or don’t like this type of games, you can always opt for a more relaxed celebration with some board games.

A Favor for the Guests

baby shower

To wrap up, although this is not mandatory, in many baby showers it is customary to offer the guests a favor for attending the party.

This can vary a lot, from a personalized diploma that you make to a small plant (to relate it to the upcoming life), a small photo album of the mother and the ultrasounds she has done, candy bags, candles, soaps, souvenirs with the baby’s photo in the womb (ideal if you have had a 4 or 5D ultrasound)…

As you can see, the decoration of a baby shower may seem like a lot, but in reality, once you have the key points clear, it won’t be a big deal. In return, you’ll have a very pleasant time sharing the end of the pregnancy with your loved ones. Have you ever thought about having a baby shower? Would you consider it?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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