Organise an original birthday party in your garden

Is your garden ready for holding an original birthday party? If not, you may consider it after discovering the nice and easy to do ideas we bring today in order to organise an original birthday party in your garden. If you’re looking forward to celebrate your birthday in a special way, these DIY and original ideas for decorating your birthday

DIY cake toppers

Cake decoration is an absolute trend right now. You can see awesome cakes, cupcakes, cookies and everything you can imagine in every form and beautifully decorated. Cooking is one of my passions; I love to spend Saturday mornings baking a cake or something sweet to my loved ones. If you can not only make something tasty, but also something that

Girl birthday party decor

Are you looking for ideas to decorate a birthday party? Here you have some easy ideas to help you. Organization, beautiful details and originality are things we have to take into account. So let’s start with some ideas. Floral table The table, in which you are going to have dinner or lunch, is one of the most important things in

Little girl birthday party decor

A birthday is always a special occasion, it is the celebration of having one more year and a great opportunity to meet your loved ones. Everyone loves parties, but specially children. We all live birthdays in a different way when we have children at home, that’s why we should make them enjoy that day because in that way we will

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