Painting with kisses

Today we have a funny and lovely craft, a picture that you’ll love and that will look awesome in your home. You just need your kisses, it sounds good, isn’t it? You can use different lipsticks that you have in your home and stamp your lips in a piece of fabric that we will then put in a frame. You

Romantic details for St. Valentine’s Day

You’ve probably started thinking about the decoration for St. Valentine’s Day… That’s why we want to share some ideas to surprise your couple and show him or her how special (s)he’s for you! Source: Anna Mayer Washi tape hearts An easy and very original idea is making hearts with washi tape. You can choose your favorite colors and create a

How to make roses with felt

Christmas just finished and we’re already thinking about the next date on the calendar: St. Valentine’s Day, a very special day for those who are deeply in love and want to show their feelings to their couple in a very romantic way! A very common choice for this day is giving red roses, a flower whose price increases considerably during

Lovely decoration ideas for couples

When you move to a new house with your boyfriend or girlfriend your new decoration may be complicated. Sometimes your tastes or prefferences may vary a lot and decoration can be a nightmare. In this post we share with you some ideas that both of you will love for sure. The purpose is having a house that has something unique,

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