Black and White geometry in a Moscow apartment

Located in Moscow, this apartment was a Project of Geometrix Design. The inside is simple and futuristic. The only colors used are black and whate, what makes the decoration even more minimalistic. The apartment has 130 square meters. It is part of a residential area called Axioma. The name gave the team the perfect idea for the design. They imagined

How your kitchen will look like in 2025

This interesting idea comes from the minds of Ikea team and they haven’t just imagined it, they have actually built it. The concept kitchen 2025 is a pop-up exhibition featured at EXPO Milano 205 which shows how your kitchen can help you making thoughtful decisions about food and waste. And why a kitchen? “Of all the rooms in our homes

20 furniture ideas that look magic!

Today we want to share with your 20 pieces of furniture that are characterized because of the originality of its functioning. All of them are pieces of furniture with multiple uses, from armchairs that turn into a heater to folding kitchens that can be transported easily. We should admire the work of the designers because these furniture  will make your

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