Put a locker in your home

Lockers are not a place to store just your books. They are normally used in your school or changing room but they can have much more uses. You can also use them to store other things or as a decorative element. Industrial and vintage look are a clear trend right now. Vintage lockers can be the best decorative element if

Industrial decor in modern living-rooms

Industrial style is so cool nowadays, and if there is one space where it looks even better, that’s the living-room. Today we want to show you all the things of industrial décor that we can use to decorate a modern living-room. In the 20th century, there was a big event in New York that gave birth to the so-called industrial

Retro decoration

Good morning everyone! Today we will talk about retro decoration. If you want to change your décor or add some elements so that your place looks different, this is a good idea, and here you have some ideas to inspire you. Trends come and go in every style and the same happens in decoration. We can find very modern things

How to decorate your bedroom with a vintage style

There are some decoration styles that are always in, this is the case of vintage decoration. If you like old stuff, then this is your style. If you want to have a vintage style in your bedroom, then keep reading these ideas. Talking about the colors, try to make a good color combination. For example, If you use a light

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