20 amazing stairs designs that you’ll love

In every house with different floors it is fundamental that you have stairs. When choosing this element, we can think about more classic ones or design that surprise everyone, it’s up to you. Although it may seem that stairs are not important when designing a house, that’s not true because the right design can give that area an awesome touch.

4 DIY decoration projects

It is a trend to decorate our places with things made by ourselves. Our creations make your home something unique. Today we want to bring here some DIY projects to decorate. Decoration world is not expensive anymore since DIY was created, a trend that put in practice our creative and artistic capacities and give us the opportunities to create things

Luxurious stairs

When we decorate our home, we tend to forget how important stairs are in our decoration (if we have more than one floor). For a long time, they’ve been considered as a complement for the living room or the corridor. However, it’s an attractive element for decorating and creating a charming atmosphere in our home. Today, we would like to

17 awesome uses for the space under the stairs

The space under the stairs is always a dilemma in small houses… What can you do with it? Do you tear it down and make something new? Or do you leave it as it is? If you choose to take advantage of the space under the stairs, here you have some original ideas to make it useful and amazing at

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