Decorating with flowers: tips and ideas

Today, we want to share with you some tips and ideas for decorating with flowers because natural elements can provide a lot of different styles in your home. And flowers, in particular, are wonderful decorative elements for livening up your home decoration.

Flowers liven up your days, they transmit peace, calmness and some of them smell delicious. Moreover, they help you to create colourful spaces and provide a natural freshness to your environments. It’s the ideal method for getting in touch with nature.

There are many varieties of flowers for decorating your spaces and that can fit in your home’s environment. These natural elements can provide scents and vitality to your home. You just need to choose the varieties that better fit your weather and your home’s features.


Before decorating with flowers, you should think about the kind of plants and flowers you want to have at home. The main idea is using natural flowers since they are gorgeous and scented. If you want to use vases with fresh flowers, it will be necessary that you change them every two weeks maximum because they overripe. But you can also use flowerpots to plant different types of flowers and take care of them to make them grow beautiful and healthy. If you’re not too good with plants, dry flowers or even unnatural ones, can also fit your decoration.

Decorating with flowers

It doesn’t matter if they are fresh, natural, dry, unnatural or handmade, decorating with flowers is one of the keys for a gorgeous decoration. But it’s not so simple, you should have into account the colour of your walls and furniture when choosing your flowers. Avoid to mix too many colours in the same spaces, because your decoration may look overloaded.

For example, in spaces where the walls are painted with bright colours, you should opt for pale flowers such as vanilla tones or white flowers such as margaritas. However, if your walls are white or pastel, you can introduce some intensity in your decoration with colourful flowers.


You should also have into account the colours of the fabrics. For example, if you have a red sofa, you should avoid red flowers, because they doesn’t create any contrast and the decoration may look a bit basic.

In terms of size, tall flowers look great in empty corners. You can place a big vase in a corner or a tall plant in order to create a peaceful and beautiful space.

The perfect vase for decorating with flowers

Depending on the size of the flowers you choose, you will find many types of vases. But the size it’s not the only thing that matters, you need to combine the colours too. If the flowers you want to use in your decoration are colourful, you may prefer to use simpler  vases as the one in the following picture.

Decorating-with-flowers2Source: Zara Home

However, if your decoration is made of pastel tones, you can introduce some colourful details with the vases. For example, the following bright orange vase is perfect for a white decoration where you want to introduce sweet pale flowers or just some green leaves.

Decorating-with-flowers3Source: Zara Home

In terms of vases, you can also opt for creating your own ones. For example, in the following picture, they’ve created two gorgeous vases with crystal bottles and some ropes.


Pastel tones for decorating with flowers

The combination of blue and beige in pastel tones is gorgeous. This is a great idea if you’re thinking about creating a vintage style in your living room.

Decorating with flowers in your walls

If you don’t have time to take care of plants and flowers or you spend a lot of time out, you can also opt for introducing flowers in your walls. There are many original and creative ideas you can use for decorating your walls with flowers. You can buy different paintings or you can create your own DIY paintings. For example, the following picture is a DIY painting made with paper flowers, paint and a real bottle, which provides a very original touch.

home decoration8

These are some tips and ideas for decorating with flowers, but the possibilities are endless. Look for the flowers and plants that better fit your style and start livening up your home with these fresh elements.

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