New Year’s Eve Photo Props

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to meet with our family or friends. It is a magical night, we say goodbye to the year that is almost gone and start the new year, always sharing good moments with our loved ones.

Today we bring you an original idea to make this night even more special. Everybody wants to have pictures of this kind of moments. So why don’t we organize a photo prop so that everybody in the house want to take a funny picture that night.

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First, we have to find some cool paper accessories. You just need some paper or cardboard, wooden sticks and a bit of imagination. As we can see in the picture above you can draw little signs, cameras, funny glasses, lips, champagne bottles or glasses or whatever makes you feel like you want to have fun and celebrate a new year is here. 

To make this project even easier, we are going to show you some other ideas and printables.

The first idea is for the classical ones, for sophisticated parties.

Source: Etsy

You can also organize a photo prop for the children, using the freebies below.

Source: Sasibella

If you want to organize a photo prop for everyone at the party, you can use these two ideas.

Source: Indulgy
Source: Unoriginalmom

Finally you just have to prepare the place where you are going to establish the photo prop. Here you have two decoration ideas

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

With this easy idea I’m sure you will have a happy new year.

If you have already prepared a photo prop and you want to share it with us, go to our Facebook account!

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