Small and colorful apartment for couples

Just few people bet on using bright colors for their home decor. They tend to think that they are going to get bored of these colors. But we can see examples like the apartment for couple we bring here today that make us think twice about the idea of using bright colors. Why don’t you think about using these colors

A modern and minimalistic house made with transportation containers

This modern and minimalistic house has been constructed using recycled transportation containers. Although the materials may sound cheap, the house offers a luxury experience. What can we do with the old transportation containers that the companies don’t use anymore? At first sight, these iron structures may seem useless, but with some imagination they can be turned into a modern house

Colorful rugs to welcome autumn

Autumn is here, that’s why I want to tell you how beautiful it is to decorate with colorful rugs and give your home a funny touch. We love to see a new colorful rug in our home, it gives our place a lot of light and make it funnier. Today we want to share with you some interesting things we

10 wonderful ideas to decorate your balcony

Not everyone takes time to decorate the balcony, they tend to leave it as it is or put some chairs or plants randomly. Applying a series of simple ideas, we can take the most out of it and turn it into our favorite place. A lot of people see the balcony as another window or a place to just check

Bright colors, bright life.

Colors contribute to our mood. They can make us feel absolutely happy or completely sad, so you should take into account which one you are going to choose in your décor. Bright colors, for example, make us feel happier and more energetic, so they are always a good idea, especially in summer. So if you are thinking about refurbishing or

Easy and cheap summer ideas

Summer is here and your home still looks boring? Ok, it is true that renovations are expensive and that if your home looks good, there’s no reason to buy new stuff. But if your home needs something more, here you have a good idea to make your home look more colorful in summer. This is not about refurbishing your whole

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