Bright colors, bright life.

Colors contribute to our mood. They can make us feel absolutely happy or completely sad, so you should take into account which one you are going to choose in your décor.

bright2 bright3

Bright colors, for example, make us feel happier and more energetic, so they are always a good idea, especially in summer. So if you are thinking about refurbishing or about incorporating something different to your décor, keep reading!


If you are not an expert in color, the best thing is choosing one netral color and another bright one. Then you shoulc choose the main pieces of furniture in the neutral colors and add some small touches in the bright one.

bright8 bright1

You can also appy the same idea but instead of using one colors, choosing some colorful ornaments.


For decoration experts, you can mix more than one color, but you should be careful so that your space doesn’t look overloaded.

bright9 bright7

Tis idea looks specially good for kids decor, and when they grow up, you can refurbish just changing the ornaments. A great idea, isn’t it?


The best way to start is buying some colorful cushions and they letting you imagination flow, complementing those colors


Hope you liked these ideas.

Pictures: Pinterest

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