Decorating with eco lamps

Today we want to show you how you can easily decorate with eco lamps. It doesn’t matter if they are made of paper, organic material or they are very efficient, the important thing is decorating at the same time you are eco-friendly. Nowadays, decorating with recycled objects is a trend. It is basically taking objects that we don’t use anymore

Original Lamp Designs for decorating your home

Are you planning to change any lamp of your house? Do you liking having the most modern and trendy lamps in your decoration? Today, we want to share with you a collection of original lamp designs for decorating your home . We’ve made a selection of ten lamp designs that go from the most elegant and simple, to the most

9 lamps for modern living-rooms

It doesn’t matter the style you want for your living-room, you should look for the perfect lamp. If you have a nordic, industrial or even rustic style, you can find an awesome lamp that fits it. If you want some inspiration, here you have 10 ideas that can help you. Among all the important things for having a cozy and

5 table lamps with original designs

Lighting is an essential element of our home decoration and you can find very original designs. There are infinity of designs to fit your style, so you just need to find the table lamps that go better with your decoration. Today, we bring you 5 table lamps with original designs to inspire your decoration. Lamps are very useful and beautiful complements. You

22 ideas for making DIY creative lamps

When the time for lighting your home arrives, you’ll find a wide variety of lamp designs, but none like these DIY creative lamps that you can create with some dedication and creativity. These creative lamps will provide your home with a personal touch and a different brightness. Brightness at home can provide a lot of advantages, but it can also

Industrial decoration for your bedroom

I love lofts and apartments with industrial look composed by open spaces in which all the rooms are connected with the same style. Nowadays it is really cool to live I a loft, especially for young people as this kind of places tend to be cheaper than normal apartments. Another reason why they like them is because this look is

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