Nordic style furniture that you’ll love

You’ll be inspired by this selection of Nordic style furniture and ornaments. The come from brands like Hubsch Interior, Broste Copenhaguen, IB Laursen… among others Here you have a small list of Nordic style furniture with Danish personality. If you like this kind of decoration, I’m sure these pieces of furniture will inspire you a lot. You have to remember

Different ways to divide spaces in small flats

If you don’t have enough square meters in your home and you need to divide some spaces, here you have some ideas that may help you. Do you have a small flat? The room is big but you have to divide ambiences? It is really common to need new spaces in your home, especially in small flats of lofts or

Decorating and organising your spaces with shelves

Shelves are one of the best solutions for decorating your spaces at the same time that you keep them tidy. Today, we’ll share with you some good ideas for decorating and organising your spaces with shelves. Source: Car Möbel Most of the elements we have at home aren’t just decorative, but also practical in order to make our lives easier.

Ideas to decorate your home with wooden boxes

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money when decorating your home, recycling is a good idea. With some imagination you can turn almost every object you include it in your décor. Today we will show you how to turn simple wooden boxes into decorative elements. The first idea is making some shelves to store your shoes. For

How to decorate your bedroom with a vintage style

There are some decoration styles that are always in, this is the case of vintage decoration. If you like old stuff, then this is your style. If you want to have a vintage style in your bedroom, then keep reading these ideas. Talking about the colors, try to make a good color combination. For example, If you use a light

Elastic shelves, a new decoration concept

Arianna Vivenzio, an Argentinian designer, has brought us this new decoration concept. Classical wooden shelves let this new idea come, an original design with flexible bands: the elastic shelves. As we can imagine by its name, they are elastic and resistant bands that are placed in the wall with two metallic supports and are used as a common shelves, but

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