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The Perfect Bathroom Vanity for One Petite Woman

Every woman loves spending time in the bathroom. Getting her hair done, taking care of her skin, putting on makeup, are small rituals that contribute to her appearance. However, for shorter ladies, it happens that the mirror is out of their reach so they have to stand on their toes to put their mascara on. That way, they are deprived of the small, yet important rituals. Instead of them being a pleasure, they are a must that is done without enjoyment and on the run. The vanity should be adapted to the woman living in that house/apartment instead vice versa. Luckily, there are many different vanities and tricks to remodel the bathroom in a way that will fit the specifics of a short woman. If you have similar problems and you have decided to end the “standing on the toes”, we will try to help you with some tips and tricks.

The Height of the Vanity

Before we move on to the style, storage and other necessary things to consider, we must determine what is the ideal height of the vanity for you? The most commonly used vanities are about 80 cm tall, and that can be too tall for short people or even too short for tall people. It is possible to customize the height of the cabinets, sinks and mirror to your specific needs. There are two ways of doing that: custom made vanity or finding a suitable vanity shorter than 80cm. In many stores there is only one option available. Do not give up, some big malls have bathroom vanities in variety of sizes.

Types of Vanities

There are different types of bathroom vanities and vanity cabinets. Deciding which one is good for you comes to its functionality and adaptability. A pedestal sink (free standing sink) takes very little space and it is a good choice only if you can store some items below it. Otherwise, it is a wasted space and you will have to install vertical storage, which is often not easy to reach. Wall mounted sink also takes up very little space, but requires additional storage units. Vessel sink & vanity is the perfect combo that leaves you with great storage units beneath the sink. Under-mount sink can also provide you with enough horizontal storage space underneath. Vanity cabinets let you get all the utilities while saving space. You should also consider the materials you are going to use. If you opt for vintage bathroom style, wooden elements would fit in perfectly. For modern variant, opt for metal or PVC instead.

Storage Units

Storage units are usually the most problematic items in the bathroom. Especially if you are restricted with space and your personal needs. It is common, to use the most of the space, to store your items in vertical shelves. For a petite woman, however, it is recommended to choose horizontal storage shelves, cabinets and drawers. Drawers are actually, a convenient way to have everything you need in your reach and to keep some things unexposed. Set them beneath the sink, so you use all the available space. You can make interesting storage units out of boxes that you can place on the ground, so you will never have to step on your toes or on a chair to get some necessary things.

Make Room for Beautifying Rituals

As this is one of the most important things a women will do in the bathroom, it should not be neglected when choosing a vanity. The mirror is the first item you should pay your attention to. When you think about it, even if your beautifying lasts for 15 minutes only, there is no need to stand (and let alone on your toes) during that time. The mirror should be placed low enough that you could see your face when sitting on a chair. The bigger the mirror is, the better. You can also use a taller chair to achieve similar effect. Place all your necessities on the cabinet near the mirror, so you would not have to stand up and look for them every time you are getting ready. Do not just throw them around, but make nice little storage boxes for your makeup and skincare products.

The Overall Style

The one thing that will influence every design is the style you are trying to achieve, regarding of whether you are tall or short. No matter which style you choose, you have to incorporate every little detail into it. You can use various items, such as Flatweave Runner Rug, to compliment the look of the cabinets. It is useful, not only as a part of the décor, but as a heat source if you do not have floor heating. You can add some artwork on the wall where the vanity is to create contrast or to add up to the overall feel. As for the choice for the style of the whole bathroom, you can decide whatever suits your personal preferences. We feel, though, that your “pocket Venus” look can match perfectly with vintage style.

In a bathroom like this, you should enjoy as you are supposed to, because it is made to meet your needs. What do you think? Do you have some idea on how to decorate the bathroom to suit petite woman?

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