How to decorate with blue and white tiles

Blue is the colours of the sky and the sea, and it offers infinity of decorative possibilities. Together with white, blue is a wonderful resource when choosing your home’s facings and floorings. Decorating with blue and white tiles is a lovely combination that will inspire you with a lot of ideas. Source: Original Style Ceramic is one of the best materials for

Lemonade party!

Today we are going to show you a refreshing idea, how to make your own lemonade party. Summer is the perfect season for meeting with friends and celebrating parties because we tend to have more free time and better weather. If you are looking for an idea about a party with friends, you don’t have to think about it twice,

Turquoise and orange decor

Decorating with complementary colors is a bit risky, but if you take some things into account, the result is awesome. First, you should include these colors in small amounts and mixing it with simple and light colors like beige or white. You should only choose one tone of each color because if you use a lot of colors and a

British decor

British decor started some years ago, but it still remains with us. It is based on implementing the union jack, its colors, telephone boxes, the big ben, the London eye… It seems a bit difficult to implement it without failing because it has bright colors and it is not the easiest style, but if you add just some details to

Navy blue inspiration

Navy blue is a color that peope normally avoid to use. It is true that if you have a small apartment you can’t abuse of this kind of colors for your decor because it can make your place look smaller, but if you combine it well, the result if awesome. You should combine it with other brighter or ligher colors.

Some colors to give light to your small apartment

Using colors that have the same tonality is one of the best tips for giving light to your place, making it look more spacious. Color decoration is one of the most important decisions is you have a small apartment. Here you have some ideas to help you. White White is the best color if you want your place looks bigger.

Colors for your baby’s bedroom

If you are going to have a baby soon I’m sure you want to have everything in order when the baby comes. It is normal being busy at that time with the baby’s bedroom, thinking about the color that best fits your place. Today we bring here some ideas to help you so that you choose your favorite one. Grey

How to decorate a boy baby shower

For organizing a boy baby shower, you need to have a lot of time and dedication because we have to choose the place, the people we are inviting, the food, the color of the decoration and much more things. Everything must be perfect! Or at least that’s our objective, because of that, you have to think about several alternatives to

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