Scrap wood decor

A few days ago we talked about eco-trend in decoration. Today we bring you some ideas to do your own eco decoration using scrap wood. This material could be used for almost everything and in a lot of different decoration styles. We can buy wood or use old furniture, pallets or other kind of wood to do it. In this

Ideas for decorating a flowerpot

Today we bring here some ideas for decorating an old flowerpot, that one that looks so boring and ugly, that you don’t use anymore. If you are looking for a decorative solution to this flowerpot, here you have five that you’ll love. Do you want to know them? Decorating a flowerpot is a great solution to make your place look

5 tips to have a romantic bedroom in St. Valentine

Having a romantic bedroom for St. Valentine is not a difficult task, you just need some good ideas. With some imagination and knowing the tastes of your couple, you’ll know what he or she likes, his or her favorite flowers, drink or color. Although the main color for this event is normally red, you have endless possibilities and you can

Cheap ideas to redecorate your bedroom in 2015

We are starting the New Year and a lot of people want to start with some new year’s resolutions. Most of the resolutions are not about making us look better, but about making us feel better. A first step to start this change can be redecorating your house. Why have we chosen the bedroom? Because the bedroom is your shelter,

Decorating the living room with flowers

Flowers for decorating are a very recurrent element. From bouquets and garlands to vases with aromatic flowers to create natural air fresheners. Flowers are the perfect decoration since we can choose among a huge amount of colours, forms and scents. For example, lavender is great for freshening the air in our bathroom and for having a sweet scent in our wardrobes

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