DIY, bottle decoration (Part 1)

Today we want to bring here one idea to decorate bottles so that they look like beautiful vases. DIY is a trend that is giving us the opportunity to make our own designs to our own tastes, giving an added value to our decor. Today, we offer you the chance to make your own vase in an easy and cheap

Recycled tyres for your flowers

Decorating with recycled objects is in fashion. It’s a trend that even some interior designers have used in their creations. Today, following this recycling trend, we want to share with you an idea for using recycled tyres for your flowers in the garden. Decorating with recycled objects is a great idea for saving some money at the same time that

4 DIY decoration projects

It is a trend to decorate our places with things made by ourselves. Our creations make your home something unique. Today we want to bring here some DIY projects to decorate. Decoration world is not expensive anymore since DIY was created, a trend that put in practice our creative and artistic capacities and give us the opportunities to create things

Decorating with flowers: tips and ideas

Today, we want to share with you some tips and ideas for decorating with flowers because natural elements can provide a lot of different styles in your home. And flowers, in particular, are wonderful decorative elements for livening up your home decoration. Flowers liven up your days, they transmit peace, calmness and some of them smell delicious. Moreover, they help you to

Centerpiece made with a pumpkin

Hi everyone! Today we want to share with you an idea about how to make a beautiful centerpiece with a pumpkin. It is a very original idea that fits well in rustic spaces with romantic or eco look. I particularly love the nature so I love to decorate with flowers. If apart from that you have a pumpkin, you can

Tips to decorate your bedroom in pink

Pink decoration can look fantastic or be an absolute nightmare. Pink is one of the most used colors in decoration, especially for baby girls but at the same time is one of the most difficult to use, why? Because people who like pink tend to use it everywhere, and that could be a big failure. Pink is a beautiful color,

Tips for taking care of indoor plants

Indoor plants need some basic cares to be maintained in perfect conditions. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to take care of common plants. However, there are some types of plants that are more delicate and need another kind of maintenance. Tips for taking care of indoor plants Avoid moving them frequently. Indoor plants are sensitive to changes,

DIY projects to recycle wooden boxes

Wooden boxes, like the ones we use to transport fruits and vegetables, can have a second chance if you know how to use them. This kind of boxes can give a lot of personality to your place and we must remember that eco trend is here to stay. They are a great opportunity of getting rid of the things you

Beautiful Shower curtains

When we think about our bathroom decoration we normally focus on the tiles, the furniture and maybe some pictures or the towels, but we don’t take into account shower curtains. They are the always forgotten in our decoration but with the ones you are going to see today we’ll make you change your mind. We think that shower curtains are

DIY ideas to decorate your garden

It is possible that, although you have some flowers in your garden, it stills seems a bit empty. Don’t worry about it! Sometimes we need some external elements so that our garden look funny and original. In this post we’ll offer you some DIY projects so that you spend your time decorating your garden with special ornaments that everyone’ll love.

5 flowers for your decoration

There are many different flowers for decorating our spaces. There are some very exotic and others that we have used throughout history. If you are going to grow them in your garden, best thing is choosing different flowers that fit your lifestyle, I mean, take into account the time available you have. There are some very beautiful flowers that require

Beautiful ideas for decorating your bedroom

The place where you sleep everyday should be well decorated to guarantee your rest. That’s why the furniture, the colors and even the ornaments are very important. Sometimes these kind of ideas are everywhere, you just have to be open to new ideas and new possibilities for your bedroom. You can find inspiration in a magazine, in a friend’s house

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