Montaña Mágica, a mountain turned into a hotel

The hotel Montaña Mágica was constructed by artisans in the natural reserve of Huilo Huilo in the Andes mountain range inside Chili. It is one of the most original and creative ones we have ever seen. This hotel has a wonderful cascade that pours water on both sides of the hotel, making it look as another steam like the ones

The best solution against hurricanes disasters, a hobbit house

In 1964, Dora hurricane created a dune in an area of Florida. It was the perfect place as that area belonged to a very creative architect named William Morgan. 10 years after the hurricane the architect decided to use the natural element to make something only a creative architect can imagine. He had the idea of constructing a couple of

A whole bedroom in a box

The box web ring here today hides a great surprise because if we open in, we can find a full bedroom where you can find everything you need. If you are thinking about how this is possible, then keep reading! For the most skeptical ones this may seem impossible, a box where you can find all the necessary things for

Nine Elms: a crystal pool that will make you fly

HAL Architecture studio have left us astonished thanks to a building project in south London. In that building, the most interesting thing is a 30 meters transparent pool that is suspended. Now swimming will be like flying. An interesting project which isn’t maybe the best idea for people with dizziness. This swimming pool, made mainly by crystal, will join the

Decorating with plants: a green touch in your decoration

Plants should be a key decorative elements of any house. They have a lot of benefits at the same time that they are truly attractive decorative complements. Decorating with plants is great for providing a fresh and green touch to your environments. Source: Bloomingville Decorating with plants is one of the best ideas inside of the world of indoor and outdoor decoration. Natural

DIY cactus

Today we will share with you some awesome ideas to make your own cactus. You may be asking yourself…. But how? It’s easy, with some imagination you can make your own “fake” cactus to have some funny and colorful decoration that does not require any care. We think that his craft would look really well in your kids’ bedroom, but

Retro decoration

Good morning everyone! Today we will talk about retro decoration. If you want to change your décor or add some elements so that your place looks different, this is a good idea, and here you have some ideas to inspire you. Trends come and go in every style and the same happens in decoration. We can find very modern things

Some colors to give light to your small apartment

Using colors that have the same tonality is one of the best tips for giving light to your place, making it look more spacious. Color decoration is one of the most important decisions is you have a small apartment. Here you have some ideas to help you. White White is the best color if you want your place looks bigger.

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