A hotel in Brussels gives you the opportunity to live in your favorite Pantone

In Brussels we can find the Pantone hotel, which offers a colorful experience for 179€ per night. You can make a reservation in a room of any of the seven color palettes that the hotel offers. Each color combination corresponds to an entire floor. Opened in 2010 and designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, this hotel-boutique is an extension

Montaña Mágica, a mountain turned into a hotel

The hotel Montaña Mágica was constructed by artisans in the natural reserve of Huilo Huilo in the Andes mountain range inside Chili. It is one of the most original and creative ones we have ever seen. This hotel has a wonderful cascade that pours water on both sides of the hotel, making it look as another steam like the ones

3 redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels

Decoration has no boundaries and these redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels are a clear example of it. These aeronautical hotels are one-of-a-kind accommodations, especially for those who love aviation and flying around the globe. Source: Hotel Costa Verde Today, we want to share with you 3 redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels. These accommodations are

Capsule hotel in Tokio.

Tokio is one of the most modern cities in the world and that’s why we can find there very interesting places. This is the case of the capsule hotel, where the hosts can sleep for little money in a tiny room with just the necessary. Tokio citizens are known for being very open-minded and trying everything. It is a place

20 hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán ¡that will fascinate you!

Would you like to spend your next holidays in an amazing hotel? Lázaro Rosa Violán will surprise you with his flashy hotels around the world. Source: lazarorosaviolan Do you like traveling? Take a look to these 20 hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán. We wouldn’t mind to spend our holidays in one of them, what do you think? Who’s Lázaro

The coolest hotels in the world

We normally stay at a hotel to enjoy the destiny we are visiting, walk around, meet other cultures and monuments. In this selection of hotels you’ll see that sometimes the hotel is even better than the destinations. They are hotels to visit and enjoy them, to spend the day inside them. They are really original and different. Would you stay

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