Beautiful minimalistic cabinet in the middle of the forest

The architecture studio DMVA discovered a Little house in the middle og a forest next to Bruges (Belgium) only 15 meters away from the city and they decided to give it a more modern touch but conserving the original structure. For some people, having a cabinet or a country house means having a place to rest, enjoy nature and relax.

Montaña Mágica, a mountain turned into a hotel

The hotel Montaña Mágica was constructed by artisans in the natural reserve of Huilo Huilo in the Andes mountain range inside Chili. It is one of the most original and creative ones we have ever seen. This hotel has a wonderful cascade that pours water on both sides of the hotel, making it look as another steam like the ones

The best solution against hurricanes disasters, a hobbit house

In 1964, Dora hurricane created a dune in an area of Florida. It was the perfect place as that area belonged to a very creative architect named William Morgan. 10 years after the hurricane the architect decided to use the natural element to make something only a creative architect can imagine. He had the idea of constructing a couple of

A house made of recycled pallets

For the construction of this house the main material used was recycled pallets. It is a material that has allowed the owner to reach its expectations at the same time he’s saving costs. It is more and more common nowadays when it gets time to construct to look for alternatives to save money maintaining the quality. In this sense, the

Amazing marine house in New Zealand

Today we want to show you an amazing marine house Zealand, concretely in the Banks Peninsula. It is a modern house that fits perfectly the area where it is placed and offers a unique hideout to enjoy rest, peace and tranquility. It is a place designed by the architecture studio Pattersons that had the difficult task of constructing a house

15 brilliant ideas to turn your old furniture into a garden

An old piece of furniture doesn’t have to be useless, using our imagination we can reuse it and turn it into an awesome object, as you will see in the ideas we are showing you today. Use your furniture to create your garden! The pass of time is sometimes a problem in our furniture, so sooner or later, we have

Nipprig, Ikea’s new collection.

Nipprig is Ikea’s new collection and it is specially made for the ones who love authentic things. An amazing collection made out of natural materials by the Swedish brand. You’ll love it! If you haven’t heard anything about this collection it’s time to do it. It is a collection with a wide variety of products, all of them made with

11 Inspiring ideas for a picnic decor

Picnic décor has a lot of possibilities. If you don’t know what I’m talking about take a look at this article to discover some captivating ideas that can inspire you. Do you prefer a park? The countryside? The beach? Choose the place you like the most to enjoy the time with your friends and family. If you don’t have a

20 gorgeous caves, nature most beautiful décors

The world is full of wonderful and truly beautiful places, some of them are hidden and these amazing caves are a example of it. This collection of images is a proof of how nature is the original expert in decoration. What did they think, the first people that run into these wonders of nature? We think these kind of sceneries

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