DIY ideas to decorate your garden

It is possible that, although you have some flowers in your garden, it stills seems a bit empty. Don’t worry about it! Sometimes we need some external elements so that our garden look funny and original. In this post we’ll offer you some DIY projects so that you spend your time decorating your garden with special ornaments that everyone’ll love.

5 flowers for your decoration

There are many different flowers for decorating our spaces. There are some very exotic and others that we have used throughout history. If you are going to grow them in your garden, best thing is choosing different flowers that fit your lifestyle, I mean, take into account the time available you have. There are some very beautiful flowers that require

5 tips to have a romantic bedroom in St. Valentine

Having a romantic bedroom for St. Valentine is not a difficult task, you just need some good ideas. With some imagination and knowing the tastes of your couple, you’ll know what he or she likes, his or her favorite flowers, drink or color. Although the main color for this event is normally red, you have endless possibilities and you can

How to paint crystal bottles

Recycling bottles is a great idea for decorating our home. You just need some time and the ability to choose the best colors. In this previous articles we talked about color combinations that may interest you. As you know, we used this same technique in a christmas article. Then, you can see, that we can use the same idea for

Decorating your bathroom with crystal pots

Today we are going to show you some ideas for decorating your bathroom with crystal pots. They not only look nice but they also serve as a way for organizing your stuff. As you can see in the image below, you can use these pots for almost everything in your bathroom, so that it looks more sophisticated and tidy. Another

DIY lace jars

Lace jars look amazing with a candle inside and they can give your home an excellent appearance when you have guests for dinner. They are a great idea that can be used not only at Christmas, but also on the following occasions that your family and friends come home. These jars will give your home a romantic look and they

10 ideas for recycling bulbs (Part 2)

Recycling bulbs is a great idea to get the most out of it. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them as part of your decoration. It is always a good idea taking things that don’t work anymore and giving them a second chance. That’s why you have here some ideas for recycling bulbs. With some time and imagination

10 ideas for recycling bulbs (Part 1)

Recycling bulbs is easy, you just need some imagination and you will get these amazing decorative crafts. You can make fabulous things just with a bulb; would you like to know them? If you have never thought about recycling bulbs, it is time to change your mind.  You can take these ideas or other ones, but the result will always

Ideas for recycling crystal bottles this Christmas

There are a lot of ideas for recycling crystal bottles. I’m sure you have some at home that you don’t use anymore, so why don’t you turn them into beautiful Christmas decoration? This time, your bottles will look so beautiful that you’ll have to take them out from your garage so that everyone can see them.   A snow man,

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