A small rural house next to the ocean

When we think about houses, we tend to think about big ones because we think we need a lot of space. But once we live there we realize that we have a lot of work to do and a lot of money invested in a space that we really don’t need. Today we bring here a small rural house that

An old barn turned into a Scandinavian Style house

The architects of the Czech studio OOOOX think up a plan to transform an old wooden barn into their own house and they called it BOOOOX barn. After a renovation of 2 years, the space was completely transformed. The exterior was painted in black and the inside has a very clear Scandinavian style. They put a new insulating structure and

This eco-house uses all the energy of its surroundings

We tend to look for solutions to all the human problems but we should not forget about the one of consumption. We are creating more and more ways to solve the problem creating new and innovative ways to obtain energy. One great idea to solve the problem was Soleta Zero Energy. It is a new concept of eco-houses that can

A modern house in London that will inspire you

Some houses are a source of inspiration, in this case, we hope this modern house in London created by Daniel Lee inspire your home decoration. Daniel Lee decided to remodel a house from the end of the 19th century and the result is inspiring. A superb remodelling project  Source: Remodelista Daniel Lee, an expert of the digital world, took on the challenge

Useful tips for painting your house

Does your house need a makeover? There’s nothing better than renovating your wall painting to transform your environments completely. A just painted room, even if the furniture is the same, will look like a new one. Try it if you don’t believe it. Besides, painting your house is not necessarily a difficult task and you can do it yourself. Here,

A house in New Zealand that looks like a tent

At first sight, this house design looks like a classic tent, but once you are inside it, you’ll realize that this original shape has permitted to create a house full of surprises and special places. Most of us have gone camping at least once, using classic tents where there was not much space. That was the first thing I thought

Modern house located in a small peninsula of Sweden

The modern house we bring today has the special feature that it has been built in a small peninsula in Sweden. Its astonishing and beautiful environment make this house a unique building with outdoor spaces where enjoying the good days and a warm interior for the coldest ones. The designer of this modern house is the architect Boris Culjat. He has been

Impressive sustainable house built with bamboo in Bali

We’re used to see buildings made of brick or wood, but it’s not so common discovering a sustainable house built with bamboo. This material can be very resistant due to its hardness and flexibility. The architect Elora Hardy left behind a successful career in New York to get into the construction of houses completely built with bamboo in Indonesia. This

Modern house that opens like a sunflower

In those cases when sunlight doesn’t lightens our home as much as we’d like, it’s necessary to be witty for finding the better way of achieving that goal. This modern house is in Girona and it opens as if it were a sunflower in order to make the most of sunlight. Depending on the location of the house, the problems

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