6 apps that will make your decoration easier

Decorating is easier every day. A lot of companies are investing in making your life easier, giving you some things like the ones we are showing you today. If you want to decorative but you find it really difficult, you can try the following apps we are bringing here today. Photo Measures It is an app that can help you

Different ways to divide spaces in small flats

If you don’t have enough square meters in your home and you need to divide some spaces, here you have some ideas that may help you. Do you have a small flat? The room is big but you have to divide ambiences? It is really common to need new spaces in your home, especially in small flats of lofts or

Ideas for painting wood floors

Imagine your wood painted with different bright colours or decorated with gorgeous and unique geometrical designs. It’s not a very common thing you find in a house, but wouldn’t you like to have some unique decoration? Painting your wood floors with your favourite colours is a great idea for personalising your home. Check out how to do it in this

5 DIY projects for this autumn

Autumn is the best season for making your DIY projects. If you want to start creating things to contribute to your decor, autumn is your season! In autumn it normally rains a lot, cold starts to come and cloudy days are the normal days. All we want to do is staying in the couch watching TV or doing nothing. If

Decorating with recycled wooden boxes

The perfect DIY Project for recycling and designing; today we want to tell you how to decorate every space with recycled wooden boxes. Take some inspiration and start your own project! It is the perfect DIY Project for your bedroom that will help you being organize and at the same time it will make you have an awesome decor. Chaos

How to create a colourful stained glass

Today, we want to show you how to create a colourful stained glass for decorating your home. This technique will help you liven up your spaces and offers a lot of decorative possibilities. Moreover, it’s a great choice for making some DIY projects with kids. So, check it out to know how to create a colourful stained glass. Necessary materials

Painting furniture with the dip painting technique

Some paint and a paintbrush, it’s all you’ll need to transform and old piece of furniture into a new gorgeous element of your decoration. There are many techniques and ideas among you can choose to renovate your furniture, and today, we’ll talk about the dip painting technique. Source: PB&J Stories Would you like to give a second chance to that old

4 DIY decoration projects

It is a trend to decorate our places with things made by ourselves. Our creations make your home something unique. Today we want to bring here some DIY projects to decorate. Decoration world is not expensive anymore since DIY was created, a trend that put in practice our creative and artistic capacities and give us the opportunities to create things

DIY kitchen organizer

The shopping list, an appointment with the doctor, some tickets, tea towels, etc. We need to have a lot of things handy in our kitchen, therefore the order is a must. Now you can make your own wall organizer, a practical and decorative idea that will help you avoid forgetting about important things. Order is some of the main pillars

Nails decor: Nude

Today we want to bring here something special. When we are talking about decoration some people think that we are just talking about furniture and house indoor, but that’s not true. Here in becoration we love that décor, but we also love decoration in all of its other aspects. This new idea is about nails decoration.  Nowadays nail art is

DIY cactus

Today we will share with you some awesome ideas to make your own cactus. You may be asking yourself…. But how? It’s easy, with some imagination you can make your own “fake” cactus to have some funny and colorful decoration that does not require any care. We think that his craft would look really well in your kids’ bedroom, but

Cork boards: A great idea for our workplace.

Decoration is very important in our workplace, it make us being for comfortable and enjoy in a place where we spend a lot of hours. We have talks previously about the decoration of this kind of places, it must fit your style and be a quiet and pleasant space. Today we will not only talk about decoration but also about

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