10 wonderful ideas to decorate your balcony

Not everyone takes time to decorate the balcony, they tend to leave it as it is or put some chairs or plants randomly. Applying a series of simple ideas, we can take the most out of it and turn it into our favorite place. A lot of people see the balcony as another window or a place to just check

Decorate your pool with the last trends

With this hot weather we can only think about one thing: our swimming pool! And for that, we bring some cool ideas to decorate it. Summer is the time to enjoy the things we have, so to do it, we show you some ideas to get the most out of your pool. A special touch and some practical ideas that

Easy and cheap summer ideas

Summer is here and your home still looks boring? Ok, it is true that renovations are expensive and that if your home looks good, there’s no reason to buy new stuff. But if your home needs something more, here you have a good idea to make your home look more colorful in summer. This is not about refurbishing your whole

Original decorating ideas for summer parties

When the good weather arrives, we can only think about enjoying some free time outdoors and what could be better than holding a party in your garden? For doing so, we’re going to share with you some original decorating ideas for summer parties. You’ll guests will love it! Today, we want to bring some inspiration with these original decorating ideas

Amazing backyards for this summer

Summer is the perfect time in order to spend some quality time with your friends, family and children. You can go visit interesting places, travel or just enjoy amazing backyards like the ones we’ll share with you today. There are many possibilities for creating beautiful and entertaining backyards where you can enjoy the summer. You can find ideas for children, for

Awesome things that you should have on your garden

We  want every summer to be unique and with the ideas web ring here today it is possible, they are things that everyone should have on its garden. Some objects and products thought to make every moment pleasant and relaxing. You’ll want to have them all. In a few days, a lot of people will go on vacation, but there

Ikea’s plants and ornaments to have a Green summer

Ikea’s ornaments can help you to decorate your summery spaces. Don’t forget to use plants in this season, they give a lot of color to your décor. In Ikea’s catalogue 2015 you can find a lot of ideas to decorate your home for this summer. If you go to any shop you can see the new products and pick the

Imaginative summer bedrooms for your kids

Summer is almost here and kids’ bedrooms are a great way to change your décor.  Here you have some ideas to change it so that it reflect the happiness and colors of this season. Home decoration is not something static, or at least it shouldn’t be. It should be a way to express the way your life is changing. The

Lemonade party!

Today we are going to show you a refreshing idea, how to make your own lemonade party. Summer is the perfect season for meeting with friends and celebrating parties because we tend to have more free time and better weather. If you are looking for an idea about a party with friends, you don’t have to think about it twice,

Sailor nails

I love painting my nails in summer. They make you feel happier and prettier and it is just a small effort to make them look amazing. Nails décor is one of my favorite hobbies and a perfect way to relax. Today we are going to show you how to paint your nails in a “sailor style”. They are going to

15 awesome ideas for decorating our garden with recycled wood.

Good weather makes people want to use their garden or terrace, therefore in this time of the year it is important to have everything ready. If this is not your case and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, here you have some ideas for recycling wood and turn it into garden décor. There are a lot of

The most amazing swimming pools

Maybe the cold climate we actually have make us think that a swimming pool is not the most attractive plan. But when good time arrives there’s nothing better to relax than a pool plan, and if that plan includes friends, it can be even better. Any kind of pool is good for this kind of plan, but if we think

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