New Year’s Eve Photo Props

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to meet with our family or friends. It is a magical night, we say goodbye to the year that is almost gone and start the new year, always sharing good moments with our loved ones. Today we bring you an original idea to make this night even more special. Everybody wants to have pictures

Ideas for Christmas crafts

Christmas is just around the bend, so we have no time to waste to prepare the last details of our home decoration for Christmas. Since time is short, I would like to provide you with some easy ideas to make Christmas crafts to complete your home’s Christmas spirit. Christmas tree made with scrap wood This is a great, green and

Ideas for gift wrapping

At this time everyone has s gift for someone special. Here we give you some ideas to make your presents unique. With a bit of imagination you can make your gifts look even better and make the people you love feel more special. In this first idea you just have to fold the paper and cut it several times. Then

10 lovely Christmas living rooms

We spend a lot of time at home during Christmas with our family and friends, that’s why we want to share with you 10 Christmas living room decorations that look incredibly gorgeous! From pale colors to bright reds, from classical to modern, there are plenty of combinations to decorate your living room this Christmas! We hope to inspire you to

Ideas for recycling crystal bottles this Christmas

There are a lot of ideas for recycling crystal bottles. I’m sure you have some at home that you don’t use anymore, so why don’t you turn them into beautiful Christmas decoration? This time, your bottles will look so beautiful that you’ll have to take them out from your garage so that everyone can see them.   A snow man,

How to make your own centerpiece with a wineglass.

Today we are going to show you how to make a really easy and original centerpiece with just a few things that you can easily find at home, having this awesome result.   First, what you need: A Christmas piece: a toy, a pine cone, Christmas flowers or whatever you want A candle A stamped paper, in this case a

The easiest Christmas cards ever

Today we are going to show you a very easy and funny way of making Christmas cards. You can even do it with your kinds, as they only require imagination. They are easy, beautiful and a really good way to say merry Christmas to your loved ones. The first two ideas are Christmas trees made with ribbon. As you can

How to make your own advent calendar

Advent calendars are a long and beautiful tradition. You can usually find it as a box with little windows that hide different gifts. Each window is marked with a day of December from the 1st up to the 24rd, Christmas Eve. In this article we will show you different ways to make your advent calendar different and unique. With inexpensive

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